What draws me into my studio is the desire to create something of beauty. As a child I loved making things, and I have simply never stopped. My inspiration comes from daily life, as I perceive the minute and unexplored, as well as the large and dramatic. What interests me is the way one perceives the world and the beauty found therein, and this in turn drives me to create.

The fibres and textiles that I have worked with over the years - twigs and branches, cotton and silk textiles, wool and natural cords - are originally derived from natural sources. This has been an instinctive path in my work, as I feel a deep connection with nature.

I work intuitively and spontaneously, deciding what to do next in each piece based on what I have done and where I imagine a particular piece might go. I enjoy experimenting and often try something to see the outcome, damn the results. I do not keep journals, make few notes, and my scratches can only generously be called drawings.

I am currently making panniers and vessels with natural cords. Their organic forms are simple and pure, and sometimes I will add playful details. They have a restrained palette, in their natural colours. As containers for all that we carry with us, they are both practical and symbolic. Whatever is placed in them becomes transformed by the container.